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Pia MUNCK (in 1994) riding a Danish Warmblod,
5 years old, with the techniques of
Low Deep and Round...

Do like the riders
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let yourself guide in all confidence by Pia MUNCK
(42 years of experience in German dressage),
in order to find and select your future horse.

Pia MUNCK invites you to meet her directly in Denmark
to see the sales horses of Danish Warmblod out of
the best German and KWPN origins that she has selected
especially for YOU, after your needs and expectations,
to make the best possible match with your new horse.

Pia MUNCK proposes her expertise for you to find the
young highly gifted horse (I have a special talent for detecting
the future Grand Prix horses when they are still young)

or to help you sorting out the educated horses by accompanying you around in Denmark,
eventually with your trainer,
during 2 - 3 days (or more if needed).
You will be picked up at the airport,
the hotel already reserved, and the sales
horses lined up and prepared all over Denmark.

I accept only one client at a time, that I serve
in a very personnal way, and I share willingly
my observations of the potential of the horse,
and also the couple that I feel he forms with you.


E-mail :
Telephone in Denmark : 00 45 40 83 04 66