proposes you her concept :


- during 2 days (or more, if you wish)
- with presentaion of 8 to 10 Danish Warmblod horses
- even if you are not yet in the final step to buy
- in order to have the possibility, under my guidance,
- in all tranquility
- to inspect the market of the Danish Warmblod quality horses


n° 1
Gelding, origines Donnerhall, 8 years old,
16.6 hands (1m69)

Video :

n° 2
Gelding, origines Rohdiamant,
4 years old,
16.4 hands (1m67)

Video : lan.wmv

n° 3
Mare, origines Michellino,
8 years old,
16.1 hands (1m64)

Video : lle.wmv

n° 4
Gelding, origines hanovrien, 11 years old,
16.7 hands (1m70),
competed in Grand Prix.

Video : dor.wmv

n° 5
Gelding, origines Donnerhall
5 years old,
16.7 hands (1m70)

Video : don.wmv

n° 6
Mare of 12 years old,
origines Cor de La Bryère,
level Grand Prix,
16.9 hands (1m72)

Video : tte.wmv

n° 7
Gelding, level Prix St Georg,
9 years old,
16.5 hands (1m68)

Video : yal.wmv

n° 8
Gelding, competed in Inter I,
origines Ragazzo,
13 years old,
16.5 hands (1m68)

Video : ede.wmv

n° 9
Gelding, origines hanovrien,
5 years old,
16.3 hands (1m66)

Video : dax.wmv

n° 10
Gelding, origines hanovrien,
9 years old,
16.3 hands (1m66)

Video : rus.wmv

We have so many INCREDIBLE GOOD dressage horses in Denmark, and I think it is a pity that not all buyers are aware of what they can get of quality up here !

So now I will propose to riders, even not yet ready for buying a new horse, to come and see what we have to offer !

I want them to realize that our studbook DANISH WARMBLOD, according to the dutch statistics, has the biggest percentage in the world of their prospects getting up in the Grand Prix.

Just inspect the last European Championship in Dressage in Rotterdam, where I was present to watch the Grand Prix Special, I noticed that 9 of the 30 finalist were either Danish Warmblods, or had a Sire from Denmark :

Results Grand Prix Special

... like the bronce medal, MISTRAL HØJRIS, Danish Warmblod
- and no 5, WATERMILL SCANDIC, also bronze medal in the kür (Scaandic is by the Danish Warmblod Solos Carex)
- no 9, DIGBY, Danish Warmblod
- no 15, JONSTRUPGAARDENS RANEUR, Danish Warmblod
- no 21, ELMEGARDENS MARQUIS, Danish Warmblod
- no 23, DORINA, Danish Warmblod
- no 24, SKOVLUNDS MÁS GUAPO, Danish Warmblod
- no 28, BOCELLI 1044 (by Blue Hors Don Schufro)
- no 29, EXQUIS CLEARWATER, Danish Warmblod

I think this is remarquable, and invite the riders to come and see for themselves ! ;)

n° 11
Danish Warmblod mare
of 5 years old, 16.5 hands.
Stunning elegance.

Top germain origines

Price : 21.900 € =
31.600 $

n° 12
Danish Warmblod mare
of 3 years old, 16.2 hands.

Origines Landadel

3 great supple gaits,
has been approuved in
1st categorie (out of 5), selected for the
finale Elite with equally
super notes in freejump without rider
(best in her region).
Note for galop :
9 out of 10.
Calm, with class.

Price : 20.500 € =
29.200 $

n° 13 A
Danish Warmblod gelding
of 4 years old, 17 hands
(still growing).
Powerful, but easy to ride

Origines of Rohdiamant

n° 13 B

Price : 17.400 € =
25.100 $

n° 54 A
Danish Warmblod gelding
of 4 years old, just broken in, 16.3 hands

(still growing)

n° 54 B
Origines of Rohdiamant / Donnerhall
quality for a professional
30.800 € =
44.400 $

n° 14 A
Danish Warmblod gelding
of 3 years old, just broken in,
origines DONNERHALL,
16.3 hands

(still growing)

n° 14 B
very forward going
quality for a professional

Price : 30.800 € =
44.400 $

In stead of going on vacation, laying on the beach getting bored, come to spend some days with me, going from stable to stable, to inspect the danish market of super horses.

- excitement garanteed
- souvenirs for the rest of your life
- tecnically well educated riders
- and wellridden impressive horses with super hindlegs
- one stable more beautiful than an other
- relaxed ambiance
- great restaurants
- beautiful, clean, green country
- openminded, kind population
- with their exceptionnal history of Vikings

And here some quality horses,
educated for the Junior / Young Rider Championships :

n° 15 A
Danish Warmblod gelding
of 10 years old, 16.9 hands

Origines KWPN

n° 15 B
... 2 times tempies,

n° 16
Danish Warmblod gelding
of 8 years old, 16.5 hands

Origines KWPN / Oldenburg

Flying changes, easy for pirouettes and piaff.

And, for the pleasure of the eyes, the exceptionnel
horses of real
international Grand Prix potential.

I think that the photos are talking for themselves of the
quality of these horses, all

n° 17
Danish Warmblod gelding
of 7 years old, 16.4 hands.
Flying changes,
begins passage

Origines Florestan / Weltmeyer


n° 18
Danish Warmblod mare
of 7 years old, 16.7 hands

Origines Loutano / Fasolt

Talent piaff / passage


n° 19
Danish Warmblod gelding
of 6 years old, 17 hands

Origines Sandro Hit / Landgraf I

Flying changes,
begins passage


n° 20 A
Danish Warmblod gelding
of 5 years old, 16.5 hands

Origines Sandro Hit /
Cor de la Bryère

n° 20 B
Preparation for Championship of Denmark of 5 years old


n° 21
Danish Warmblod mare
of 7 years old, 16.4 hands

Origines Marduc

Tempies, pirouettes,
begins passage


And remember, to rent my services, my guidance, my technical knowledge, is not more expensive if you are 2 or 3 persons on the same trip ! ;)

Come with your horsefriends, discuss the horses you see, learn from the super riders and their tecnical skills, and I guarentee you will fall in love with the Danish Warmblods !

Simply ROYAL :
The testimony of one of my clients...

RUBY ROYAL... what a pleasure for me to have found this young quality horse of 4 years old for my client, Sabine Décaillet from Suisse, who had lost her adorable horse, ANGEL (also bought with me in 2003), some weeks ago.

Here beneath, Ruby Royal... great look, elegant, intelligent, forward going, seductive :

Here is the testimony of the husband of Sabine, who accompanied her in the research for a new horse under my guidance :

Visit in Denmark the 19th to 21st of june 2009

Billund is an aeroport in the center of Denmark.
This is where we arrived, me and my wife Sabine, on friday the 19th of juin 2009, in the afternoon.

We wanted to spend an extended weekend on discovering this country that we had never visited...

(on photo, the windmills in big numbers in Denmark... the symbol of a country with great ecologic conscience and the necessarity of preservation of our planete)

... including the main key : the possibility of a presentation of several horses to replace the horse that Sabine had lost recently in despair.

I keep a special souvenir of the moment with our meeting with Pia Munck. Not only was she announcing, while putting our lugage in the back of her car, that we had to take off immeadiately on a drive of 200 kilometers in direction of north-west of Denmark, but also that the day would be long because we were not supposed to be back at the hotel to sleep before 11 PM or midnight...

(Denmark is a country of numerous fjords and islands, with bridges and ferryboats...)

The tone of the trip was given, and I thought that our weekend would rapidely turn into a labour of visits of differents stables and into endless waiting moments and discussions with the owners of the danish horses.

The first day of our journey went as expected, but very soon my sentiment of frustration disappeared when I understood the function of the presentations of the horses with Pia.

In fact, about 20 to 25 minutes before arriving in the stables of each presentation of horses, Pia called up the owner to make sure that everything was ready and that the horse was already walking under rider at the moment of our arrival, and this even if our visit was announced and organised some days before.

The second good surprise was to realize that if you had a little bit of possibility to speak english, then you could easily communicate with more or all the owners of the horses.

A presentation last between 20 and 40 minutes, depending if the horse pleases or not, and if the buyer, Sabine in our case, want to try to ride the horse. I think I can confirm the the amount of information and actions

Une visite dure entre 20 et 40 minutes, selon que le cheval plaise ou pas et que l’acheteur intéressé, Sabine dans notre cas, veuille essayer la monture. Je crois pouvoir affirmer que la concentration de données et d’informations données en si peu de temps est telle qu’il est pratiquement impossible, même à un néophite de s’ennuyer au cours d’une telle visite.

A peine la visite terminée, nous voilà reparti pour 200 nouveaux Km vers le centre du Danemark.

(en image, les tombes anciennes de nos ancètres danoises)

Ces 200 km passèrent vite étant donné la conversation et les échanges d’impressions diverses.

(Niels BOHR, physicien danois connu pour sa contribution à la physique nucléaire et à la compréhension de la structure de l'atome)

(en image, le paysage préservé du temps des glaciers il y a 22.000 d'années)

La deuxième visite suivi bien entendu le même shéma que la 1ère. C’est en réalité vers 21:30 que nous nous arrêtames pour le repas du soir qui eu lieu dans un petit restaurant typique :

La petite balade nocture dans les ruelle du village d’Odense, nous avons permis de découvrir la maison natale d’Hans Christian Andersen :

Pour quelqu’un qui se décrit volontiers comme un disciple d’Epicure, je puis vous assurer que ce moment fut des plus agréables. Je commençais à découvrir également que si les chevaux intéressent et passionnent Pia, il y a également d’autres centre d’intérêts.

C’est finalement vers minuit que nous sommes arrivés à l’hôtel familial que nous avait réservé Pia :

(suite à droite...)

Nous nous aperçûmes le lendemain matin que ce charmant petit hôtel de 12 chambres...

... jouxtait harmonieusement un camping ce qui expliquait la vaste taille de la salle du petit déjeuner.

Nous avons passé la journée du samedi en visite de chevaux et en discussions sur les mérites respectifs de tel ou tel modèle.

A aucun moment il n’y a eu de marchandage ou de situation désagréable de négociation sur le prix. Notre budget avait été annoncé à l’avance et tous les chevaux qui nous ont été présentés entraient dans la fourchette de prix indiqué. J’ai personnellement trouvé cette approche très respectueuse de la part de Pia et agréable à vivre sur place.

Vers 16 heures ce samedi 20 juillet nous avions déjà pu voir une dizaine de chevaux et restions hésitants entre deux ou trois candidats qui nous avaient particulièrement plu.

C’est alors qu’arrivé à une nouvelle écurie, nous avons vu un jeune cheval de 4 ans, à peine débourré :

En cette fin d’après-midi ensoleillée, la température était douce malgré une légère brise. La lumière se reflétait sur la robe de ce jeune cheval qui d’emblée nous apparaissait faire preuve d’une grande sensibilité.

La cavalière qui présentait ce modèle devait prendre garde à ne pas brusquer ce jeune cheval. La brève démonstration qui suivi fut une révélation, tout était équilibré. Sabine, essaya ensuite de monter ce modèle pour voir si un se former et si un accorce cheval était possible.

De l’avis même de la cavalière de présentation l’harmonie des deux était réelle. D’un coup le classement des différents candidats était chamboulé et un magnifique numéro 1 se distinguait.

Petit détail surprenant, ce fut le seul cheval dont nous avons su le nom presque immédiatement. Ruby Royal, venait de marquer la différence avec ses concurrents...

La décision d’acquérir Ruby Royal fut prise en cinq minutes, le temps de vérifier sa généalogie et de comparer le modèle avec les autres choix possibles.

Le reste du séjour fut consacré le dimanche à faire du tourisme, avec déjeuner dans le port de plaissance de Skagen :

Ceci nous donna notamment l’occasion de voir l’extrême nord du Danemark à l’endroit où deux mers se rejoignent en faisant des remous assez intéressants à regarder :

... ainsi qu'une église enterrée dans des dunes de sable :

... terminant le soir dans un restaurant avec une viande grillée savoureuse :

Le lundi était consacré à la visite d’achat que le propriétaire du cheval avait réussi à nous organiser presqu’au pied levé.

Nous avons repris l’avion vers la Suisse lundi après-midi après un merveilleux week-end. Bien que nous ayons parcouru près de 400 à 500 Km par jour tout au long de notre séjour, jamais le temps ne m’a paru long et de nombreux moments restent gravés dans ma mémoire comme autant d’intenses moments d’émotions.

J’aimerais dire à ceux qui hésitent à faire un déplacement au Danemark pour voir des chevaux, que le jeu en vaut vraiment la chandelle. Non seulement Pia organise le séjour de façon très professionnelle, mais elle nous réserve quantité de surprises qui valent le détour.

Merci de tout cœur Pia et à bientôt.

Gabriel Décaillet

Here under, other horses of different ages and potentials for sale in Denmark :

n° 22

n° 23

n° 24 A

n° 24 B

n° 25 A

n° 25 B

n° 26

n° 27

n° 28 A

n° 28 B

n° 29

n° 30

n° 31

n° 32

n° 33

n° 34

n° 35

n° 36

n° 37

n° 38

Here under, young horses for sale in Denmark,
3 to 5 years old, in different potentials and budgets :

Young horse... no. 39

Young horse... no. 40

Young horse... no. 41

Young horse... no. 42

Young horse... no. 43

Young horse... no. 44

Young horse... no. 45

Young horse... no. 46

Young horse... no. 47

Now, here under, some horses for sale in Denmark
6 years to 10 years old, 4th level (M) - Prix St Georges - certain approaching Grand Prix,
in differents potentials and budgets,
certain having an
ideal temperament and easy to put on the hand which allows them
to be used for the
Championships of Junior and Young Riders :

No. 48
No. 49

No. 50

No. 51

No. 52

No. 53

The informations for a trip to Denmark...

Pia MUNCK proposes you her concept :


... with a presentation of 8 to 12 horses for sale :

My services of :

- finding the horses for you
+ organisation
+ presentation of the horses
+ guiding you technically on the horses, if you need it
+ driving my car during 2 days

... are paid by 500 Euros a day = 1000 Euros for 2 days of presentation (to be paid in advance by bank transfer) + the cost of gazoline for about 200 Euros (payable only once in Denmark, depending on the fuel used).

Like this you can, in all serenity, and / or by simple curiosity, come and examine the Danish market with its quality horses form the Danish Warmblod studbook, who according to the latest statistics in Holland in February 2011, is the studbook with the greatest percentage of horses arrived at the Grand Prix!

If you would like to buy one of the horses presented, the invoice is made directly by the danish breeder / owner, but of course I will help you with the negociations, transport, export-paperwork and organize the veterinarian visit of purchase which I attend personally, if possible for my scedual.

IMPORT papers, to get the horse into you own country, are prepared by the buyer.

Pia MUNCK proposes a trip across Denmark for 2 or 3 days (or more), organized to present you (depending on your demands, needs and budget) the :

- YOUNG talented horses of POTENTIAL of level 3/4, prix St Georges or Grand Prix, depending on your desires and budget...

- or ÉDUCATED horses of various levels like :

- SCHOOL horses of 2nd, 3rd or 4th level, Prix St Georges and Grand Prix...

- or horses with great potential executing most exercises of Grand Prix, though still WITHOUT PERFECTION...

- or the COMPETITION horse ready for contests of all levels up to Grand Prix

You will be assisted in your selection by the expertise and experience (45 years) of Pia MUNCK, who will share her observations of the potential of the horses, help you sort out the best ones and also give you her opinion of the couple that they form with you.

Eventually accompanied by your own trainer.

For those who looks for a horse with mixed skills, please go to the page OBSTACLE :

The expenses concerning a trip to Denmark :

I will pick you up in the airport of BILLUND in Denmark with my car (the gazoline and ticket/bridge is on your cost = estimated at a total of 200 to 300 Euros for 2 days of presentation... I pay myselv for my own meals/hotel) for us to go together to see my selection of horses chosen especially for YOU of 8 to 12 horses for sale all over Denmark, showed under rider, during 2 or 3 days.

I'll find for you the horses the most close to your needs and expectations, with a maximum of potential and quality inside your budget...

No pressure of buying with this new concept of THE TRIP "HORSE SEARCH" !

Here, in details, the expenses at your cost :

- flyticket for yourself, depending on where you come from, example :

Amsterdam (Holland) to Billund (Denmark) - 1 hour flight :

- 1 adult............ 300 Euros
(possible to find tickets for less on the internet :

- hotel 1 person 1 night 85 €

- gazoline and ticket bridge is at your cost = a total of 200 to 300 Euros (estimated for 2 days of presentation)

- your own meals

My services: 500 Euros per day = 1000 Euros for 2 days of presentation (to be paid in advance by bank transfer)

Concerning the horse, at your cost :

- vet check-up... depending on the numbers of examinations

- export certificate...150 Euros

- blodtests (if needed for import in your country)

- transport... it depends of destination... but I will help you to get offers before comming to Denmark.

You can decide to stay for one more day for you to try a second time the 3 - 4 horses you like the most...

The veterinarian visit of Purchase in Denmark :

Pia MUNCK recommands her clients, when they buy a horse, a large vet check-up from one of the danish top veterinarian centers, on your costs and paid directly by you to the danish veterinarian, containing, of your needs :

- x-rays naviculaires bones
- the four fetlocks
- the hocks from 3 angles
- the knees on the hindlegs
- and the back of the horse...

- general health
- tests of flexions
- little circle/hard ground
- and blood tests...

- endoscopy (for the young horse)

- scanner
- skylines
- analyse control doping
- woppler etc...

The x-rays and health tests can be doubble checked by a veterinarian of your choice in your own country.

You can chose to assist yourself at this veterinarian check-up in Denmark... for this, I'll just need to know in advance to prepare everything for you.

I recommend to use only top veterinarians cliniques in Denmark, and I also recommend you to do the same for the doubble check of the
x-rays in your own country...

The new horse will arrive in your country as fast as possible after that the transactions of the vet, export papers and the price of the horse has been executed...

Eventually IMPORT papers, to get the horse into you own country, are prepared by the buyer.

I recommend to subscribe an insurance (CAVALASSUR SÉRÉNITÉ in France, or another from your own country) before the departure of the horse from Denmark.

A delicious danish
equestrian experience...

By going to Denmark during 2 or 3 days,
not only you will benefit of the
presentation of 10 to 12 horses selected
especially for you by Pia MUNCK,
but you will also be thrilled by
the purity of the nordic nature,
the typical scandinavian architecture
with the wooden houses and strawroofs,
plus, if the road passes there by, the viking
boats, the house of the fairytale-storyteller
Hans Christian ANDERSEN, and a great
restaurant with a delicious danish meal...

Do like the riders
presented on this web-site...

let yourself guide in all confidence by Pia MUNCK
(43 years of experience in German dressage),
in order to find, estimate and select your future horse.

Pia MUNCK invites you to meet her directly in Denmark
to see the sales horses of Danish Warmblod out of
the best German and KWPN origins that she has selected
especially for YOU, after your needs and expectations,
to make the best possible match with your new horse.

Pia MUNCK proposes her expertise for you to find the
young highly gifted horse (I have a special talent for detecting
the future Grand Prix horses when they are still young)

or to help you sorting out the educated horses by accompanying you around in Denmark,
eventually with your trainer,
during 2 - 3 days (or more if needed).
You will be picked up at the airport,
the hotel already reserved, and the sales
horses lined up and prepared all over Denmark.

I accept only one client at a time, that I serve
in a very personnal way, and I share willingly
my observations of the potential of the horse,
and also the couple that I feel he forms with you.

Horse Consulting

E-mail :
Telephone in Denmark : 00 45 75 75 74 00